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Premium Wagyu Selections

Wagyu-Hereford Cross

Full Blood Akaushi

Wagyu-Akaushi Cross

At Wagford Cattle Company, our cattle are born and raised on North Texas family farms with a vegetarian diet consisting of all natural grass and premium grains: Two Row Barley, Non-GMO Oats, Wheat & Corn. Check out our image gallery here: GALLERY


All Natural Grass & premium grain fed
Pampered cattle raised without
& deliciously

Wagford cattle are raised without any hormones or antibiotics, following strict BQA guidelines at each level: Cow-Calf, Feeder Stock & Fat Stock. For more info about the Beef Quality Assurance Program click here: BQA.COM

The extremely well-marbled Wagyu Beef is full of health benefits. The high ratio of omega-3s and conjugated linoleic acid is proven to help reduce cholesterol. The buttery smooth taste and cut-wtih-a fork tenderness far surpasses that of Prime Beef. For pricing and ordering info click on: PRODUCTS

The Healthy Beef Option

FOr more info on the health benefits of

wagyu vs. Regular beef visit:

texas wagyu association

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